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Evaluation of antimicrobial effects of lauric arginate on reduction of Salmonella spp. in ground chicken


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The efficacy of lauric arginate (LAE) on Salmonella survivability in ground chicken containing 9.8% fat was determined under refrigerated storage. The effect of LAE treatments on total aerobes, pH and objective colour were also assessed in ground chicken. LAE was highly effective against Salmonella in 0.1% peptone with no detectable survivors following treatment with 200 ppm and 400 ppm of LAE. No difference existed (P > 0.05) in the growth of Salmonella and total aerobes after treatment with 200 and 400 ppm of LAE in ground chicken inoculated with a four strain mixture of Salmonella. At these concentrations, LAE did not exhibit any treatment effect on the pH and colour of ground chicken (P > 0.05). In conclusion, although LAE possesses strong inhibitory (P < 0.05) effect against Salmonella in suspension in 0.1% peptone water, no inhibitory (P > 0.05) effect on growth of Salmonella was observed in ground chicken at the currently approved levels of 200 ppm of LAE.