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Effect of low-energy X-ray irradiation on physical, chemical, textural and sensory properties of Dates


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The effect of X-ray irradiation as postharvest treatment on physical, chemical, textural and sensory attributes of Khalas dates (Phoenix dactylifera L.) was investigated. The surface of dates was subjected to low-energy X-ray irradiation at 3, 5 and 7 KGy. While some physical and chemical properties of dates were significantly different between treatments (fruit hardness, crude protein, total fat, tannins, total fibre and insoluble fibre), there was no detrimental effect on the quality (crude fibre, soluble dietary fibre, sucrose, glucose, fructose, moisture, total soluble solids, pH, water activity, colour and sensory evaluation). The sensory acceptability of X-ray irradiated dates was significantly lower at 5 and 7 KGy than for untreated control. Irradiation at 3 KGy did not contribute to significant changes in physical, chemical or textural properties of dates. Adaptation to low-energy X-ray irradiation can be used as a potential commercial treatment for retaining the quality and ensuring the safety of dates.