Physical properties of tempered mixtures of cocoa butter, CBR and CBS fats


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Physical characteristics of precrystallised binary mixtures of cocoa butter (CB) and 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30% (w/w) cocoa butter replacer (CBR) or cocoa butter substitute (CBS) were determined. The lipid composition was obtained by chromatography and the solid fat content (SFC) by nuclear magnetic resonance. Tempering was carried out using a lab-scale agitated jacket vessel reactor. Bars made with tempered samples were submitted to X-ray diffraction and rupture tests. Snap values of crystallised mixtures decrease with an increase in the amount of alternative fat. X-ray diffraction patterns confirmed the predominant formation of the beta polymorph habit for CB and beta prime form for CBR and CBS. Mixtures of CB and CBR exhibit chemical compatibility. The knowledge of the snap values and of the variation of SFC with temperature proved to suffice to adequately anticipate the influence of the addition of alternative fats on chocolates physical attributes.