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Physicochemical and sensory properties of purple Brazilian cherry (Eugenia uniflora, L.) foams


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The objective of this work was to characterise the foams of purple Brazilian cherry (Eugenia uniflora L.) pulp made with different additives, aiming at foam-mat drying. Characterisation was made through analyses of moisture, pH, acidity, soluble solids, density, water activity, colour, total and reducing sugars, protein and ashes. Drying was done at 55 °C for 2 h. Dried Brazilian cherry juice powder was rehydrated for acceptance test. It is concluded that the physicochemical characterisation of fresh Brazilian cherry pulp was satisfactory and was in accordance with the Brazilian standards for agro-industrial products. Albumin was the best foaming agent that produced a good-quality powder in a short period. The foam-mat drying of Brazilian cherry pulp using albumin and Superliga® (Duas Rodas Industrial ltda, Santa Catarina, Brazil) as foaming agents produced a powder with good physicochemical properties and sensory quality and most preferred juice.