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Figure S1. Main pollinic types found in the honey samples. 1– Alternanthera sp.; 2 – Mimosa verrucosa; 3 – Mimosa caesalpiniaefolia; 4 – Piptadenia gonoacantha; Black bar = 10 μm.

Figure S2. Chromatograms of carbohydrates for the two types of honey under study: 1 – Sugar standards; 2 – Apis mellifera honey5 sugars; 3 – Melipona subnitida honey sugars.

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Table S1. Palynological spectrum of the two types of honey (Melipona subnitida and Apis mellifera).

Table S2. Color, physicochemical composition and energetic value of the two types of honey (mean ± SD, n = 24 of each type of honey).

Table S3. Results of the qualitative analyses (Fiehe, Lund and Lugol) of the two types of honey

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