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The effect of linseed and psyllium fibre on the gelling properties of unwashed mince from farmed meagre (Argyrosomus regius)


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The gelling properties of farmed meagre (Argyrosomus regius) mince mixed with linseed and/or psyllium fibres (up to 4.0%, w/w) were studied. The effects of chilled storage time (15 days vs. 1 day) and cold gelling (setting at 2 ± 2 °C) were measured. Linseed addition increased ω3 PUFA content and worsened the gel products' texture. Psyllium functional fibre addition had only a negative effect upon breaking force and deformation, not affecting the remaining textural properties and improving water-holding capacity (WHC) from 61–77 to 70–85%. The incorporation of 4.0% (w/w) psyllium seems to be advisable. Quality of heat-induced meagre gels was unaffected by chilled storage time. Production of an acceptable cold set gel is feasible provided that enough time is allowed for completion of the setting process. Overall results showed a potential for combining small-sized meagre (<2 kg) and psyllium fibres to produce high added-value functional foods.