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Quality attributes and firming kinetics of partially baked frozen wholewheat bread with sourdough


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Partially baked frozen (PBF) process prolongs bread shelf life, but diminishes its volume and crumb texture. Therefore, we investigated the possibility of using sourdough for the quality improvement in PBF wholewheat bread. Sourdough was fermented with either Lactobacillus plantarum, Lb. brevis or Leuconostoc mesenteroides mixed with yeast Candida humilis and added at 7.5, 15, 22.5 or 30% on bread dough basis. The choice of sourdough starter significantly affected bread acidity characteristics, flavour, specific volume, shape and crumb firmness. The sourdough amount and acetic acid content of bread inversely correlated to flavour score, specific volume, shape and crumb softness. The overall quality of PBF wholewheat bread was most efficiently improved after adding Lb. plantarum sourdough at 15–22.5%, resulting in retarded firming rate (74–94%) and improved specific volume (25–28%) in comparison with PBF bread without sourdough. Such sourdough has lactic to acetic acid higher than previously recommended for traditional sourbreads.