Physicochemical and antioxidative properties of Korean nanopowdered white ginseng


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This study was carried out to investigate physicochemical and antioxidative properties of Korean nano white ginseng powder. The particle size of nanopowdered ginseng (NPG) was in the range from 600 to 1000 nm which was significantly smaller than the regular powdered ginseng (PG) which was in the range from 300 to 500 μm. Carbohydrate content was found to be significantly higher in NPG than PG (< 0.05). Higher L value of NPG was mostly due to the higher light-scattering effect of bright ginseng powder. In oil-holding capacity, NPG was significantly higher than PG (< 0.05). Total polyphenol content was not significantly different between NPG and PG, and it was in the range of 52.5% (> 0.05). However, DPPH and ABTS studies showed that NPG has higher antioxidative properties than PG. In overall, NPG showed much higher antioxidative properties compared with PG. Thus, NPG enhances the functional value of Korean white ginseng powder.