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Effect of sodium carbonate on appearance and textural properties of glutinous rice cake


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The effect of sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) on the appearance and textural properties of glutinous rice cake was investigated. Glutinous rice kernels were soaked in Na2CO3 solution (0–1.2 N) at 25 °C for 24 h. Soaked rice was used for glutinous rice cake (GRC) production. The results showed that the rice soaked in Na2CO3 had lower protein and fat content, but higher ash content than those of untreated rice, while the amylose content in treated and untreated rice was not significantly different. Moreover, images from scanning electron microscopy showed that the starch granules from rice treated with Na2CO3 had smoother surfaces than untreated ones. From the alkali digestion test, the rice kernels treated with Na2CO3 suggest a lower gelatinization temperature than untreated rice. The GRC was uniform, and yellow colour was enhanced. Moreover, GRC exhibited an increase in softness and stickiness with increasing Na2CO3 concentration.