Biochemical composition of broccoli seeds and sprouts at different stages of seedling development


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The proximate composition, amino acids content, fatty acid profile, total polyphenols, total flavonoids, DPPH radical scavenging capacity and sulforaphane content in broccoli seeds and sprouts were evaluated in this study. The results showed significant differences in the nutritional composition and the phytochemical level in the different stages of germination. Aspartic acid, glutamic acid, serine-histidine, proline and threonine were found in larger concentrations. Polyphenols and flavonoids content ranged from 9 to 77 mg GAE g−1 and 33 to 117 μg QE g−1, respectively. DPPH radical scavenging capacity ranged from 174 to 674 μmol TE g−1. The sulforaphane content in seeds and sprouts ranged from 273 to 3632 μg g−1–the highest values were found in seeds and the 8- and 11-day-old sprouts. The results suggest that the broccoli sprouts are a rich source of nutrients and phytochemicals, these have a high potential as functional food.