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Figure S1. Effect of storage temperature and pomegranate arils' weight cv. ‘Acco' on O2 and CO2 concentration profiles.

Figure S2. Effect of storage temperature on weight loss of pomegranate arils over time (a) cv. ‘Acco’ and (b) cv. ‘Herskawitz’.

Figure S3. Effect of storage temperature on growth of aerobic-mesophilic bacteria and yeast and mould in fresh-cut pomegranate arils from P-MAP treatment, (a, b) cv. ‘Acco’ and (c, d) cv. ‘Herskawitz’.

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Table S1. Effect of passive MAP, storage temperature and days on pomegranate arils firmness.

Table S2. Effect of produce weight, storage temperature and duration on changes in colour parameters of pomegranate arils.

Table S3. Effect of passive MAP design factors on chemical parameters of two pomegranate cultivars.

Table S4. Effect of passive MAP design factors on total anthocyanin content in pomegranate arils.

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