Dough rheological properties in relation to cracker-making performance of organically grown spelt cultivars


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Cracker quality is highly influenced by the quality of flour. In this study, two spelt cultivars were analysed and evaluated in relation to cracker-making performance and factors that influence cracker quality. For comparison, conventional commercial wheat flour was used. Results showed that the tested cultivars differed in their rheological properties. The obtained crackers were also of different qualities. The highest proportion in total variance of cracker quality (>45%) was due to geometric characteristics. The most significant parameter in cracker quality classification was the modified cookie factor. The tested spelt cultivars were able to produce crackers of acceptable quality characterised with lower snap back, higher cookie factor and lower hardness in comparison with control. But, spelt crackers developed less oven spring which negatively reflected to cracker texture. Among the flour and dough quality parameters, gluten quality parameters and zero shear viscosity were significantly correlated with most of the cracker quality attributes.