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Figure S1. Creep recovery curves for samples of tested spelt cultivars and conventional wheat.

Figure S2. Simple Pearson's correlations between quality parameters of flours. PROT, protein content; SED, Zeleny's sedimentation value; FN, Falling number; WGL, wet gluten; GI, gluten index; GI 60, gluten index after 60 min; ABS, farinograph absorption; DEV, dough development; STAB, dough stability; SOFT, dough weakening; QUAL, quality number; AREA, extensigraph area or energy; RES resistance; EXT, extensibility; RATIO, resistance to extensibility ratio; AMYL, peak viscosity; P, alveograph tenacity; L, alveograph extensibility; G, swelling index; P/L, curve configuration ratio; W, deformation energy or strenght; J0, instantaneous compliance; Jm, viscoelastic compliance; Jmax, maximum creep compliance; g0, zero shear viscosity; k, mean retardation time; Je, recovery compliance; Je/Jmax, relative recovery.

Figure S3. Crackers from spelt and conventional wheat (A-conventional wheat; B-western spelt cultivar; C- spelt cultivar Eko-10).

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Table S1. Mean and standard deviation of quality traits for two spelt cultivars and commercial conventional wheat

Table S2. Summary of cracker baking tests for spelt wheat cultivars and conventional wheat

Table S3. Results of factorial analysis on cracker quality parameters: varimax-rotated loadings

Table S4. Simple Pearson's correlations between flour, dough and cracker properties

Table S5. Multiple Linear Regression with Forward Model Selection with flour properties and empirical dough rheological parameters as predictor variables

Table S6. Multiple Linear Regression with Forward Model Selection on fundamental dough rheological parameters as predictor variables

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