Consumers' acceptance and quality stability of olive oil flavoured with essential oils of different oregano species


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The objective of this study was to evaluate chemical and physical stability and consumers' acceptance of olive oil flavoured with oregano essential oils (EOs; Compacto, Cordobes, Criollo and Mendocino). Samples of olive oil were added with 0.05% EO and stored in dark (D) and light (L) conditions for 126 days. Samples with oregano EO had lower lipid oxidation indicator values [K232, K269, peroxide value (PV) and anisidine value], especially in darkness. Olive oil with Cordobes EO in D had the lowest PV (18.71 meqO2 kg−1). Using prediction equations, 20 meqO2 kg−1 PV in olive oil should be reached in 34 days in L control sample and in 126 days in the Cordobes EO sample in darkness. Samples with Cordobes and Criollo EOs in darkness had the highest chlorophyll content after 126 days (2.91 and 2.88 mg kg−1, respectively). Sensory analysis showed that oregano EO addition in olive oil was detected by panellists in discriminative test and affected consumer acceptance.