Sensory evaluations and stability determinations of goat milk containing galactooligosaccharides



The objectives of this study were to evaluate the feasibility of producing goat milk containing galactooligosaccharides (GOS) by β-galactosidase and to determine the sensory attribute and stability of goat milk containing GOS. The results indicated that the maximum GOS obtained were approximately 13.9% of total sugars at pH 4.5 and temperature 40 °C. The sensory attribute of the obtained GOS was determined using a 5-point hedonic scale in terms of taste, flavour, appearance and overall acceptability. There were significant increases in taste and overall acceptability of goat milk containing higher GOS concentration when compared to regular goat milk (control). Also, goat milk containing GOS presented a good stability over the acidic conditions. GOS in goat milk were also stable after the high heat treatment and shelf life conditions.