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Composition of eggplant cultivars of the Occidental type and implications for the improvement of nutritional and functional quality



We have investigated the diversity for composition in seven eggplant (Solanum melongena) cultivars of the Occidental type. The results show that, with the exception of moisture content and pH, there is a wide diversity for all the analysed traits. Protein content was variable, but generally low. The content in available carbohydrates ranged between 2.99 and 4.19 mg 100 g−1, and the main soluble sugars were glucose and fructose. The fibre content was the most variable trait. In all cases, the dehydroascorbic acid content was higher than the ascorbic acid content. Total phenolics content was on average thirty-nine-fold higher than vitamin C content. Multivariate analysis showed that accessions from the black and striped groups presented a similar composition profile, while the white and pickling fruits were very distinct. The pickling eggplant H11 is identified as the best source for improving the nutritional and functional properties of Occidental eggplants.