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Figure S1. Plate and frame membrane unit: (1) membrane, (2) feed tank, (3) pump, (4) pressure meter, (5) permeate tank, (6) balance, (7) water bath, (8) transmitter, (9) inverter.

Figure S2. Cross-section images of treated membranes at different processing parameters (× 2500): (A) MCE 0.025 μm; (B) MCE 0.1 μm; (C) MCE 0.22 μm, v = 0.2 m/s; (D) MCE 0.22 μm, v = 0.5 m/s; (E) MCE 0.22 μm, P = 2.1 bar and (F) MCE 0.22 μm, P = 2.9 bar.

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