Bioactive compounds vs. organoleptic assessment of ‘smoothies’-type products prepared from selected fruit species



The aim of this study was to determine the usability of fruits of selected species growing in Europe for the smoothies production. The organoleptic assessment, analysis of polyphenols and vitamin C content and antioxidant activity of products were determined. The panellists were most in favour of the smoothies containing cranberry, black currant and bilberry purees as well as juice from dog rose. Polymerised proanthocyanidins were found to predominate in most of the products, except for the black currant smoothies (B3) where the main group of polyphenols were anthocyanins. The content of proanthocyanidins was higher in the smoothies containing dog rose juice. The analysed products differed significantly in the content of vitamin C, as the highest content of ascorbic acid was determined in black currant smoothies with dog rose juice and bilberry puree (168.98 mg/100 g).