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Effects of light exposure on chlorophyll, sugars and vitamin C content of fresh-cut celery (Apium graveolens var. dulce) petioles



Effects of light exposure (24 μmol m−2 s−1) on fresh-cut celery nutritional quality were evaluated during 8-day storage at 7 °C using darkness as control. Light exposure preserved 47% chlorophyll a and 48% chlorophyll b contents more than darkness at the end of storage. Sucrose, reducing sugar and glucose contents in light-stored petioles were 17%, 25% and 67% higher than those in dark-stored petioles after 8-day storage, respectively, thus resulting in higher total soluble solids content in light condition. Moreover, l-ascorbic acid content increased at 2-day storage in light condition and was 46% more than in darkness at the end of storage. The fresh weight loss significantly increased in all petioles, and this increase was markedly accelerated by light exposure with a maximum of 1.43% at the end of storage. Dry matter content was induced more by light exposure than by darkness at 2-day storage.