Preparation of iron-fortified rice using edible coating materials



Iron-fortified rice premix (IFRP) was prepared using soaking and spraying method followed by coating with hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC), methyl cellulose (MC), combination of HPMC and MC, zein, palmitic acid (PA) and stearic acid (SA). Steaming caused a reduction in iron content in iron-fortified rice premix than without steaming treatment. Iron content ranged from 1.33 to 7.11 and 1.61 to 4.49 mg g−1, respectively, in IFRP prepared using soaking and spraying method. Retention of iron in IFRP samples coated with 9% PA, 7% and 9% SA, and combination of HPMC and MC at 2% level, respectively, after washing twice with distilled water was similar (P > 0.05). Retention of iron in these coated IFRP ranged from 87.34% to 89.39% (P > 0.05) as compared to 39.12% in uncoated IFRP. Sensory acceptability indicated the scope for the production of IFRP by spraying of iron solution with iron content 20.1 mg mL−1, 180-min tempering time and coating with 2% HPMC and MC followed by drying.