Effect of mechanically damaged starch on wheat flour, noodle and steamed bread making quality



Wheat flour was ground in an ultrafine pulveriser to obtain different levels of damaged starch (DS). The effect of DS content on physicochemical properties of flour and quality attributes of Chinese noodles and northern-style Chinese steamed bread were investigated. Results showed that the degree of starch damage raised from 6.54% to 12.06% as grinding intensity increased from 0 to 130 Hz (P < 0.05). The falling number, sedimentation value, starch pastes' viscosity, dough proofing stability were negatively, while water absorption, pastes thermal stability, the degree of starch pastes and dough level were positively correlated with DS content, respectively (P < 0.05). The increase in DS content from 6.54% to 8.86% did not lead to a deterioration of texture characteristic, which might be attributed to the slight declining in hardness while enhancing in springiness and cohesiveness. The flour with DS content of 6.54–9.66% was suitable for steamed bread making.