Figure S1. Chromatograms of preparative HPLC.

Figure S2. Chromatograms of analytical HPLC with injections of FFRBO (upper), the standard mixture (middle) and individual five standards (bottom).

Figure S3. Chromatograms of analytical HPLC with injections of processed rice bran oil (RBO), RBO raffinate and refined rice bran wax (RBW) from full-fat rice bran (FFRB) and DFRB.

Table S1. Stepwise yieldsa of rice bran oil (RBO), Crude RBW and Refined RBW.

Table S2. Wax esters (WE) contentsa (%) in the processed rice bran oil (RBO) and final products.

Table S3. Wax esters (WE) distribution dataa (%) in the final products.

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