Effects of high-pressure homogenisation on physicochemical characteristics of partially skimmed milk



The changes in partially skimmed milk (0.5% fat) physicochemical properties and proteins after high-pressure homogenisation (HPH) at 100, 200 and 300 MPa were investigated. Processing parameters and changes in pH, ethanol precipitation stability, lightness, whey protein denaturation, hydrophobicity and viscosity were evaluated. No significant differences were found between milk pH and nonprotein nitrogen content before and after HPH. Ethanol stability, lightness and hydrophobicity increased when pressure was increased from 100 MPa to 300 MPa. Whey protein denaturation, evaluated through noncasein nitrogen, occurred only at 200 to 300 MPa, and viscosity increased just at 300 MPa. Therefore, HPH changed some milk physicochemical characteristics, mainly those related to protein content. These results highlight that HPH processing is a promising technology to improve partially skimmed milk mouth feel being suitable for dairy products manufacturing.