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Extraction and physicochemical properties of soya bean protein and oil by a new reverse micelle system compared with other extraction methods



Reverse micelle extraction is a novel technology for the separation of plant components such as proteins and oil. In this study, sodium bis(2-ethylhexyl) sulphosuccinate (AOT) reverse micelle system and AOT/Tween 85 reverse micelle system were used to extract soya bean protein and oil from soya bean flour. The physicochemical properties of the protein and oil extracted were investigated and compared with traditional extraction methods. The results showed that the efficiency of forward extraction of soya bean protein using an AOT/Tween 85 reverse micelle system was superior to that using an AOT reverse micelle system at the optimal extraction conditions. In addition, soya bean proteins extracted using reverse micelle extraction had no unordered structure under Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. The acid and peroxide values of oil products from two reverse micelle extractions were lower than that from immersion. The results indicated that AOT/Tween 85 reverse micelle system is effective in extracting soya bean protein and oil.