• Baking;
  • bread characteristics;
  • wheat dough properties;
  • xylitol


The aim of the experiment was to evaluate the effect of xylitol on wheat dough properties and bread qualities. The results showed that peak viscosity of bread flour containing 20% xylitol was about 12.59% higher than that of the control. The development time and stability time of dough containing 5% xylitol were 2.55 and 1.62 min longer than those of the control, and the drop value decreased from 454 FU to 359 FU. The extensibility of dough containing 10% xylitol was 21 mm longer than that of the control. The maximum resistance and energy area showed an increasing trend. Scanning electron microscopy images showed a discontinuous gluten matrix in which starch granules were not covered completely with gluten when containing xylitol. The springiness of bread with 10% xylitol was increased by 10.6% compared with that of the control, while the hardness was decreased by 21.5%. The bread added 10% and 15% xylitol had higher scores than the control.