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The effect of storage on nutritional, textural and sensory characteristics of creamy ricotta made from whey as well as cow's milk and goat's milk



The aim of this study was to develop a creamy ricotta using a mixture of goat and cow whey as the main ingredients, with the addition of whole goat and cow milk. The nutritional composition, texture and sensory characteristics of the ricotta cheese were evaluated over 14 days of refrigerated storage. There was a decrease in protein and ash content and pH changes during the assessed storage periods. The instrumental texture profile indicated that the creamy ricotta was easily deformable, with minimal inelasticity and a cohesive, soft and delicate texture. The medium- and long-chain fatty acid content was higher than the short-chain fatty acid content. The flavour and aroma of creamy ricotta were described by the panel as having a soft texture and wet appearance. The use of whey from goat and cow cheese in making creamy ricotta is feasible and does not cause negative impact in the final product.