Rheological properties and gel strength of Phaseolus lunatus protein/carboxymethylated flamboyant gum systems



The rheological behaviour and gel strength of hydrocolloid mixture systems (HMSs) of carboxymethylated flamboyant gum (CFG) with protein hydrolysates (PHs) of Phaseolus lunatus were examined to evaluate the influence of the protein/polysaccharide ratio (2:1 and 3:1), pH (3 and 9) and concentration of solids, according to a 23 factorial design. The protein concentrate of P. lunatus was hydrolysed with pepsin–pancreatin enzymes. The flow curve results were fitted to the Ostwald–de Waele model. The flow behaviour index (0.66–0.78) for all conditions studied was indicative of the shear-thinning behaviour. For the HMS, the consistency index (k) values ranged from 0.4 Pa sn to 1.2 Pa sn. The analyses of variance showed that the ratio of PH/CFG and pH were the main variables that had significant effect on k values (P < 0.05). Only PH system presented a weak gel-like viscoelastic behaviour. Both functional properties were affected by the protein degree of hydrolysis (DH).