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Figure S1. ß-Conglycinin aggregates formed by heat treatment at 14 different pH and pH 2.0, 85 °C for 24 h.

Figure S2. Protein enzymatic hydrolysis assessed by SDS-PAGE and native-PAGE.

Figure S3. Size-exclusion chromatography spectra for ß-conglycinin 16 aggregates formed by heat treatment at different pH during pepsin digestion.

Figure S4. Th T fluorescence intensities of b-conglycinin digestion samples preheated at pH 2.0 and pH 7.5 as a function of digestion time.

Figure S5. Atomic force microscopy images of heat-induced aggregates of b-conglycinin and the digestion samples obtained at different digestion times in the presence of pepsin.

Figure S6. Apparent viscosity profiles of b-conglycinin dispersions (6% w/v).

Figure S7. Schematic diagram for the pepsin hydrolysis of b-conglycinin fibrils at pH 2.0.

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