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Physicochemical characterisation of quince fruits for industrial use: yield, turbidity, viscosity and colour properties of juices



In this study, were compared and characterised some of the physicochemical quality parameters as yield, turbidity and its stability of turbidity, viscosity, colour, dry matter, total soluble solid (TSS), total titratable acidity (TTA), pH parameters of quince juices accessions as well as different 11 cultivars before and after 6 months storage time at 4 and 30 °C. Quince fruits were used for the first time to prepare juices. The effect of different cultivars on juice yield was observed. The content of dry matter, TSS, TTA and turbidity value, stability of turbidity, viscosity, and colour in the analysed juices were depended not only on cultivars but also on storage conditions. Juices analysed were characterised by a significant variation in turbidity value and their stability and by a slight variation in viscosity. This information may be used by the juice industry as a starting point for producers of natural attractive juices from quince fruits.