Effects of nano-clay type and content on the physical properties of sesame seed meal protein composite films



Sesame seed meal protein (SSMP)/nano-clay composite films were prepared, and the physical properties of the films were determined. The SSMP film was prepared with 5 g of SSMP and 2 g of glycerol in 100 mL of film-forming solution, and the tensile strength (TS), elongation (E) and water vapour permeability (WVP) of the SSMP film were 2.51 MP, 21.84% and 3.23 × 10−9 g m m−2s−1 Pa−1, respectively. Two types of nano-clays were incorporated to enhance the physical properties of the SSMP film. The TSs of the SSMP film with 5% Cloisite Na+ and 7% Cloisite 10A were 6.32 and 5.76 MPa, respectively, and the WVPs of the SSMP nanocomposite films were 2.04 × 10−9 g m m−2s−1 Pa−1 compared with the SSMP film without nano-clay, which was 3.23 × 10−9 g m m−2s−1 Pa−1. Therefore, these results indicate that the SSMP nanocomposite film can be applied in food packaging.