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Figure S1. Response surface of water activity (aw) at constant vacuum pressure of 150 mbar and vacuum pulse time of 15 min.

Figure S2. Response surface of water loss (WL) [(kg kg−1) × 100] at constant: (a) vacuum pressure of 150 mbar and vacuum pulse time of 15 min; (b) 10 and 35 (kg per 100 kg) concentration of NaCl and sucrose; (c) 35 (kg per 100 kg) of sucrose concentration and 150 mbar of vacuum pulse pressure; (d) 10 (kg per 100 kg) of NaCl concentration and 15 min of vacuum pulse time.

Figure S3. Simultaneous optimisation of vacuum pulse osmotic dehydration of pumpkin with desirability function.

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Table S1. Main effects on water loss (WL) of PVOD pumpkin slices.

Table S2. Matrix of CCD of PVOD pumpkin slices.

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