Effect of pulsed electric field processing on carotenoid extractability of carrot purée



The purpose of this research was to study the effect of electric field strength (0.1–1 kV cm−1) and frequency (5–75 Hz) during pulsed electric field (PEF) processing on the extractability of carotenoids in carrots, which was examined using different vegetable oils. Increasing electric field strengths up to 1 kV cm−1 at 5 Hz significantly (< 0.05) increased the extraction of carotenoids from carrot pomace. Increasing frequency above 10 Hz at 1 kV cm−1 did not improve the carotenoids extraction. The yield of carotenoids extracted was dependent on the vegetable oils. Sunflower and soya bean oils had the highest carotenoid extractability, and peanut oil was the lowest for carrot pomace treated at 0.6 kV cm−1 and 5 Hz, but no significant difference was observed among vegetable oils for carrot pomace treated at 50 Hz. This study suggests that PEF can improve the carotenoids extractability of carrots depending on the electric field strength and frequency used.