ijfs12523-sup-0001-TableS1.docxWord document17KTable S1. Mean concentration (mg L−1) and standard deviations of phenolic compounds in wines with traditional maceration (TM), short cold maceration (SCM) and long cold maceration (LCM) (n = 63). The effect of the time of cold maceration by the study of the evolution during time has been considered. Polyphenolic compounds and colorimetric characteristics of two different cold maceration treatments, in comparison with a control wine, have been studied. (a*b*)-plane of CIELAB colour space for the three types of wines during the evolution over the time is reflected in the graphical abstract.
ijfs12523-sup-0002-Fig.S1.docWord document170KFigure S1. Total polyphenols (a) and total anthocyanins (b) contents evolution during vinification in traditional macerated (TM), short cold macerated (SCM) and long cold macerated (LCM) wines.

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