Fermentation of blackgram paste: time-dependent rheological characteristics, modelling and quality attributes of a traditional snack



The time-independent and time-dependent rheological characteristics were determined for blackgram pastes before and after fermentation, and related them with the quality attributes of the fried snack made from these pastes. The circular-shaped fried snack was characterised for oil content, colour and texture in addition to sensory attributes. The nonfermented as well as fermented pastes of blackgram exhibited time-independent shear-thinning behaviour, and obeyed the Hershel–Bulkley model (r ≥ 0.994, P ≤ 0.01). The suitability of two- and three-parameter models to characterise the time-dependent rheological behaviour of blackgram paste was examined. The snack prepared from fermented paste was softer as evidenced by lower peak shear force of 7.2 N compared to that of nonfermented sample (11.2 N), and showed 30% less oil content compared to that of corresponding nonfermented sample. The present study indicated a pragmatic approach to reduce the oil content in the fried product by employing the process of fermentation.