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Freshness retention of minimally processed melon using different packages and multilayered edible coating containing microencapsulated essential oil



This study evaluated the effectiveness of packaging using a microencapsulated β-cyclodextrin and trans-cinnamaldehyde complex incorporated into a base chitosan matrix on the shelf life of fresh-cut melon (Cucumis melo L. var. Reticulatus Naud) group Inodorus that were coated with a multilayered coating system using a polypropylene tray (Ziploc®) with (i) Ziploc® lid, (ii) Saran® wrap and (iii) plain cheesecloth and stored at 4 °C for 15 days. The multilayered antimicrobial coating improved the shelf life of fresh-cut melon (up to 15 days), compared with the controls (7 days). Coated samples were firmer, maintained colour and total carotenoids content and showed less weight loss than the controls (P < 0.05). Among the packaging treatments, the Ziploc® lid was the most effective in maintaining shelf life. This study demonstrates the application of a new generation of edible coating using natural antimicrobial agents by means of the layer-by-layer assembly.