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Figure S1. Variation (mean scores) of descriptors: (a) sensorial consistency, (b) creaminess, (c) grittiness, (d) astringency, (e) acid taste, (f) creamy taste and (g) sweet taste at 3 (grey) and 25 (black) days of storage for the experimental design experiences.


Figure S2. Response surface and contour plots for: (a) consistency index for upper curve (Ku).


Figure S3. Response surface and contour plots for: (a) sensory consistency (SCo).

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Table S1. Experimental design in coded and uncoded variables and experimental data for all responses during shelf life.

Table S2. Sensory descriptors and definitions.

Table S3. Regression coefficients of the second-order polynomial model for the response variables (analysis has been performed using coded variables).

Table S4. Optimisation criteria for different factors and responses and solutions for optimum conditions to obtain stirred- and set-type yoghurts.

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