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Fermented milk obtained with kefir grains as an ingredient in breadmaking



The objectives of this research were to study the effect of the addition of lyophilised kefir milk to premixes for household production of bread and evaluate the quality attributes of them. Four lyophilised samples were obtained from the followings: skim milk, acidified skim milk, fermented skim milk and neutralised fermented skim milk. Breads were prepared with commercial wheat flour, lyophilised milk samples and yeast through a straight dough process. Quality was assessed through loaf volume, crumb porosity and moisture, crumb texture and crust colour. Changes in texture and starch recrystallisation by X-ray diffractometry were determined after 1 and 3 days of storage at room temperature. Breads with acidified milks showed the highest specific volumes and crumbs with the best texture properties. Crystallinity in bread with fermented milks was higher than for skim milk sample. This would indicate that there would be a certain effect of the type of milk processing on the promotion of starch retrogradation.