The utilisation of grapeseed oil in improving the quality of dry fermented sausages



This study aims to examine the scope of changes in colour, texture and sensory characteristics of fermented sausages by substituting 20% of backfat with grapeseed oil prepared as liquid (GS), encapsulated (EGS) and pre-emulsified [with soy protein isolate (GSI) and alginate (GSA)], and their stability during 30 days of refrigerated storage. Protein and fat contents, pH and TBA values were not significantly different between products after production and storage. Treatments with added oil had higher weight loss (1.5–2.5%), while moisture content was significantly lowest in GS. Internal product colour evaluation showed the highest values of L*, b* and hue angle in GSI. GSI had the highest hardness and chewiness. Storage affected more surface than internal product colour, hardness was significantly changed only in GSI (lower) and EGS (higher), and increasing of TBA did not lead to significant differences between treatments. The study showed that GSA was the most promising of all treatments investigated.