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Figure S1. Overall procedure for preparing the Wongi-1 pepper (Capsicum annuum) leaves vinegar.

Figure S2. Changes in α-glucosidase inhibitory activities for overall vinegar fermentation: Wongi-1 pepper leaves (white bars), the fermented juice (straight pattern bars), the fermented wine (checkered bars) and the fermented vinegar (dotted bar) extracts. Values with different letters are significantly different (< 0.05).

Figure S3. ANOVA analysis of the total polyphenol content (a) at 100 mg mL−1 and antioxidant (b-d) and α-glucosidase inhibiting (e) activities at 50 mg mL−1 of Wongi-1 pepper leaves (WPL), the fermented juice (WPLJ), the fermented wine (WPLW) and the fermented vinegar (WPLV). Error bars represent the 95% confidence intervals for means.

Table S1. General compositions and fermentation profile during overall vinegar fermentation.

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