ijfs12575-sup-0001-FigS1.epsimage/eps3976KFigure S1. The strains on selective agar isolated from the soy sauce.
ijfs12575-sup-0002-FigS2.epsimage/eps4688KFigure S2. DGGE profile of bacterial V3 regions of 16S rRNA gene fragments amplified from packaged soy sauce.
ijfs12575-sup-0003-FigS3.epsimage/eps2803KFigure S3.Bacillus species-specific PCR-DGGE fingerprints of soy sauce samples.
ijfs12575-sup-0004-tableS1-S4.docxWord document18K

Table S1. PCR primers used in this study.

Table S2. Identities of cloned fragments obtained from the bacterial DGGE fingerprint in Fig.S2.

Table S3. Identities of cloned fragments obtained from the Bacillus DGGE fingerprint in Fig.S3.

Table S4. Chemical characteristics of the six samples.

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