Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to this issue of the International Journal of Laboratory Hematology (IJLH), inspired by the International Society of Laboratory Hematology (ISLH) meeting of 2013, the XXVIth International Symposium on Technological Innovations in Laboratory Hematology!

Drs. Charles Eby, Catherine Hayward, Marciano Reis, and Elizabeth Van Cott of the organizing committee for ISLH 2013 prepared an exciting program for the 2013 ISLH meeting, exploring the field of laboratory hematology with an outstanding group of faculty. We are delighted to present you with this special issue of the International Journal of Laboratory Hematology, which represents the dedicated hard work of our authors, reviewers, Guest Editors Mike Keeney, Tracy George and Catherine Hayward (Program Director), Editors-in-Chief Szu-Hee Lee and Steve Kitchen, and IJLH staff Delia Malim-Robinson.

This issue of IJLH contains contributions of invited speakers for ISLH 2013. Each contribution went through the editorial process and was critically reviewed by subject matter experts leading to a high-quality educational resource that we hope you will enjoy. The issue covers topics ranging from coagulation testing in the emergency setting to multiple malignant clones detected by flow cytometry.

Please enjoy this exciting issue.


Tracy I. George, MD (Guest Editor)


Mike Keeney, ART, FCSMLS(D) (Guest Editor)


Szu-Hee Lee, MBBChir, PhD (Co-Editor-in-Chief)


Steve Kitchen, PhD (Co-Editor-in-Chief)