• cancer;
  • chemotherapy;
  • symptom care;
  • web-based system

This pilot study aimed to explore the benefits of an online Symptom Care and Management System (SCMS) in the home monitoring and symptom management of patients receiving chemotherapy. A single-group experimental design was employed, and four patients aged 39–59 years undergoing their first chemotherapy treatment were recruited from one cancer centre in Singapore from November 2010 to February 2011. A mixed method was used to collect patient's data. All patients used the SCMS to record and send daily symptom reports to the cancer centre and receive symptom management advice from the nurse via teleconferencing. Patients' perceptions on the use of the system were evaluated. All participants believed that the system improved the management of their symptom and felt reassured they were being monitored at home. The results presented in this pilot study suggest that the SCMS has the potential to enhance the remote monitoring, feasible and acceptable way for a specific group of cancer patients to manage their symptom at home.