Evaluation of nursing documentation on patient hygienic care


Correspondence: Leyla Dinç, Hacettepe Universitesi, Saglik Bilimleri Fakultesi, Hemsirelik Bolumu, Sıhhiye 06100 Ankara, Turkey. Email: leylad@hacettepe.edu.tr


This study was conducted to evaluate nursing documentation on patient hygienic care and to analyze the consistency between actual care given by nurses and that of documented in nursing record. Data were collected from 85 nurses employed at critical care units, on whom 255 sets of observations were performed through a structured participant observation form, which could be used to record the observation episodes and to audit nursing records. Results indicated that the most frequent performed hygienic care was oral care, perianal care, hand washing and bed bathing. The consistency between actual patient hygienic care and its documentation was 77.6%. The quality of nursing records was poor and inadequate to reflect individualized nursing care. Results suggest that more emphasis is needed in nursing practice and nursing education on the quality of record keeping in nursing to increase its evidential value.