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Infusion volume control and calculation using metronome and drop counter based intravenous infusion therapy helper


Correspondence: Sungyoup Hong, Department of Emergency Medicine, Daejeon St. Mary's Hospital, 64 Daeheungro, Chunggu, Daejeon 301723, Korea. Email:


This study assessed the method of fluid infusion control using an IntraVenous Infusion Controller (IVIC). Four methods of infusion control (dial flow controller, IV set without correction, IV set with correction and IVIC correction) were used to measure the volume of each technique at two infusion rates. The infused fluid volume with a dial flow controller was significantly larger than other methods. The infused fluid volume was significantly smaller with an IV set without correction over time. Regarding the concordance correlation coefficient (CCC) of infused fluid volume in relation to a target volume, IVIC correction was shown to have the highest level of agreement. The flow rate measured in check mode showed a good agreement with the volume of collected fluid after passing through the IV system. Thus, an IVIC could assist in providing an accurate infusion control.