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Patients' satisfaction with the care offered by advanced practice nurses: A new role in Swedish primary care


Correspondence: Karin Bergman, Molkprps Gard 54191, Skövde, Sweden. Email:


The aim of this study is to describe patients' satisfaction with the new role of advanced practice nurses (APNs) in Swedish primary care. A questionnaire pertaining to patient satisfaction with the care offered by APNs was sent to respondents. Descriptive statistics, a chi-squared test and manifest qualitative content analysis were used during analysis. Although the results show an overall high level of patient satisfaction as regards APN-led care, those patients informed of the APN role prior to a consultation were significantly more satisfied. Respondents' comments indicate that professional treatment and competence are characteristic of the care offered by APNs and also relate the concepts of increased availability of and continuity in health care to the APN role. In order to guarantee the positive development of the APN role in Sweden, continued research is needed from patient, organizational and interprofessional perspectives, including intervention studies of cost effectiveness and the quality of care.