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Comparison of three different thermometers in evaluating the body temperature of healthy young adult individuals


Correspondence: Tulay Basak, Gulhane Military Medical Academy, School of Nursing, Ankara 06010, Turkey. Email:


The aim of this study was to compare the measurement values obtained with a non-contact infrared thermometer, a tympanic thermometer and a chemical dot thermometer. The research population was composed of students studying in two departments of a university in Ankara. A total of 452 students who fit the inclusion criteria of the study and volunteered to participate were included in the sample. Body temperature measurements with different thermometers were performed by the same researcher at the same room temperature. Data were analyzed in a computerized environment by SPSS 15.0 statistical program pack and Bland–Altman graph. Mean age of healthy young adults participating in the study was 19.66 ± 0.94, and 55.1% of them were female. The agreement limits for non-contact infrared and chemical dot was between −1.30 and 0.32°C; for non-contact infrared and tympanic was between −1.26 and 0.13°C; and for chemical dot and tympanic −0.89 and 0.74°C. It was determined that, although the measurement values of the tympanic membrane and chemical dot thermometers conformed with each other, the conformity of the non-contact infrared thermometer was weak.

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