• complication;
  • discharge training;
  • external fixator;
  • pin site infection

The present study aimed to determine the effect of long-term care and follow-up on complications in patients with external fixators. This study was conducted as a study research. The study sample included a total of 60 patients treated with external fixators for fractures, of whom 30 were in the control and 30 were in the study group. No intervention was made on the control group patients. The patients in the study group received external fixator pin site wound care, pin site massage and neurovascular follow-up. The study group patients were also given discharge training about external fixator pin site care two days before their discharge and were also provided with training manuals to guide their home care. Both groups were visited weekly at their homes to record their complications. Nine complications developed in eight patients (26.7%) in the study group, and 19 complications developed in 19 patients (63.3%) in the control group. Pin site infections were 11.6% of the total sample. The percentage for pin loosening, stiff joint, nerve and vessel injury and pain and swelling was 5%, 25%, 1.7% and 3.3%, respectively.