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Towards patient-centred care: Perspectives of nurses and midwives regarding shift-to-shift bedside handover


  • Support: An internal university grant of AUD$25 000 supported the conduct of this study.
  • Contributions
  • Conception and design: DK, SL, LM; Analysis and Interpretation of data: DK, SL, LM; Drafting the article: DK, SL, LM; Final approval of the version to be published: DK, SL, LM.


The aim of this descriptive qualitative study was to explore perspectives of nurses and midwives towards the introduction of shift-to-shift bedside handover. Semistructured interviews with nurses (n = 20) and midwives (n = 10) occurred 12 months after the introduction of bedside handover. Data were analyzed using thematic content analysis. Two main themes were identified: enhanced individual patient care and documentation, along with improved patient–clinician partnerships; and protection of confidentiality and privacy. The newly introduced bedside handover model improved efficiency and accuracy of the handover process and led to the provision of safe, high-quality care. Development of ward-specific tools and relevant educational resources, along with clinical support, are identified as the facilitators to ensure the new model can be successfully integrated into normal clinical practice.

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