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Malposition of peripherally inserted central catheter: Experience from 3012 cancer patients



The objectives of the study are to observe and analyze the causes of 237 patients' malposition peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) from 3012 patients in clinical practice and to further explore the methods of its prevention and remedies, which can help to improve the skills of placing tubes, to efficiently avoid and reduce the occurrence of complications, and to alleviate the pains and cost of patients. From August 2000 to March 2012, 3012 cases receiving PICC were reviewed. The locations of the tube tips were recorded by chest X ray and summarized for analysis. Malposition was observed in 237 cases (7.87%). The most frequently occurring site was in the jugular vein followed by the axillary vein. By taking different remedies, all the malpositioned PICCs were relocated in the superior vena cava or subclavian vein. In order to secure the safety usage of PICC, the strict rules of handling, the skill and experience of operator, and cooperation patients are necessary.