• administrative nursing research;
  • nurses;
  • nursing;
  • nursing research;
  • Turkish

Using research results in nursing practices and basing nursing practices to evidence have been viewed as an important factor in increasing care quality. The aim of this research was to identify the barriers arising from utilizing research findings perceived by nurses. The research was conducted with participation of 748 nurses. The study is descriptive in nature, and the ‘Barriers Scale’ and a question form developed by the researchers were used as data collection instruments. The data were gathered through face-to-face interviews after the necessary permissions were taken. A total of 54.3% of the nurses are ≤ 30 years old, and 49.6% of them are graduates of high school-foundation degree. The nurses (63.8%) indicated the most important barrier as ‘there is not enough time to read about research at work’. According to the results of this study, providing the nurses with both financial and information support after graduation is an important factor in facilitating research and using research results. Depending on the results of our study, we recommend that the number of publications in nursing and the opportunities of access to these publications be increased, and there should be more management support for research, and nurses should be provided with time.